How to Improve your Powerstroke Fuel Economy

The number one complaint from Ford Powerstroke owners is fuel economy. Ford Powerstroke mileage improvements are complicated to find and improving fuel economy is on every diesel owners mind these days. Orange County Diesel recommends purchasing a few products to help your Ford Powerstroke achieve the better fuel economy you’ve been wanting.

Purchasing a Downloader can be a cost effective way to help improve your fuel economy. Also purchasing an aftermarket Intake System, which is less restrictive then your stock one and upgrading your Exhaust System is highly recommended.

Also, keeping in mind on how your drive your truck is important factor of  your fuel economy. If your foot always on the throttle? Purchasing a tuner with a Driving Coach software such as Bully Dog’s new Triple Dog GT Diesel Tuner is a great way to go to get tips on how to correct your driving to increase your fuel economy and in the long run… Help you save money.

Visit Orange County Diesel’s online web store to read more on Bully Dog’s Triple Dog GT Diesel Tuner.

Switching to Synthetic Diesel Motor Oil can help maximize fuel economy and reduce oil consumption

Here are some things to keep in mind that will damage your fuel economy goals:

  • Big Tires
  • Lifts
  • adding Weight (such as bumpers, skid plates, tow hooks and such)
  • Hard Driving or driving at high speeds.

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