What’s the deal with Ceramic Coated Exhausts and Tips?


OC Diesel now carries Bully Dog’s Ceramic Coated Exhausts with Tips! But what’s the deal with ceramic coating, is it a superior or inferior product?

Internal engine components are made from dissimilar metals. And due to the lack of molding similarities of these components, they absorb and dissipate heat at different cycling periods. This is where ceramic coating comes in. A ceramic coat covers all the dissimilar metals and makes them uniform. This protects and cools the engines internal and external components and contributes to noticeable horsepower and performance gains.

The ceramic coating provides better laminar flow than any other exhaust available in the aftermarket whether in be stainless steel, a larger diameter, or dual. This coating greatly reduces thermal radiation to take exhaust flow to a near maximum.

The ceramic coating has a very attractive luster that improves the appearance of the exhaust system. It will maintain that luster for the life of the vehicle and beyond with minimal maintenance. Even with extreme temperatures the coating will not experience bluing or yellowing like stainless or chrome.

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