Order your Banks iQ Dashboard PC

BanksBanks iQ Dashboard PC

  • Big 5 inch Full Color Touch-Screen Display
  • Interchangeable Gauge Display- Change Screen/Colors
  • Read & Clear Codes
  • Quarter Mile, Eighth of a Mile & 0-60 Performance Testing
  • Multi-Media Playback (Music, Video Games, and Pictures)
  • View your Microsoft Office documents on the go
  • Much, Much More!

The Banks iQ Dashboard PC is a true in-car PC packed full of function and applications for use inside and outside of your vehicle. No other product on the market can match what we’ve put into the Banks iQ.  This stand-alone device works on a variety of 1996 and up vehicles opening the inner workings of your vehicle’s ECU letting you see what’s beyond your dashboard gauges. You select what you want to see and how you want to see it. Set alarms, adjust gauge colors, read and clear codes, log data, and find how quick your vehicle really is. You’ll find yourself using the host of useful built-in tools in your daily life. You’ll listen to your favorite tunes, watch videos, play games, and review your Windows Office documents and more. Its PC power that fits in the palm of your hang, and with a rechargeable battery you can take it with you wherever you go.  Compared to Banks iQ, other vehicle interfaces on the market are one-dimensional toys with an umbilical cord to your dashboard.

Revolutionary & Evolutionary

The best new? Banks iQ is fully expandable and upgradeable. Things like the growing stable of optional micro-computer controlled add-on performance and safety peripherals like: nitrous control, a true on-board dyno system, water/methanol injection, boost control, air density meter, air/fuel ratio meter, propane injection, TransCommand and more will pave the way for options beyond your dreams. You’ll always be able to run the latest software and download a host of new programs as they become available, too!

People have been asking for some differences amongst Bank iQ and it’s competition. The tuning is one major difference but the size is something we can show with photos. It makes a huge difference when you can see the gauges clearly and not have to use bifocals. Check out the pictures below.






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