Smarty Products Updated

Orange County Diesel has recently updated their line of Smarty Tuners to include:

  • Installation Manuals
  • Disclaimers of Liability
  • USB Installation Manuals
  • REVO Software Instructions
  • Power on Demand Instructions


The Company

MADS is a new company specialized in the development of Automotive electronic products dedicated to the performance enthusiast. Their goal is to deliver the most complete, best performing, yet simple to use products.  All of the engineering/ research & development/ performance software design are done in house. Nothing is outsourced!

The experience in tuning vehicles with computer controlled fuel-injection systems comes from the racing environment with high-end tuning solutions. Combined MADS brings over 40 years of experience in the electronics / software world to the table. This allows them to set the highest quality standards possible. Each product is tested in all its functions individually before it leaves the MADS facility.

The Products

The MADS tuning software is well known as CaTCHER software MADS original products were EPROM’s and Flash-EPROM’s (or “chips”) which could be installed in place of the original OEM EPROM’s and Flash-EPROM’s located in the vehicle’s on-board control module. These chips, just like the tuners of today, keep the entire vehicle safety and emissions systems intact, but modify the fuel injection settings to deliver dramatic power, torque and drivability improvements.

Also the fuel consumption is one of the most important point of MADS company research. CaTCHER software can be used to reduce fuel consumption up to 15% depending on the driving condition. Saving money and reducing the vehicle emissions.

With the advent of OBD-II vehicle control module in the early 1990’s, most domestic vehicle manufacturers installed under-dash ports (“ALDL ports”) which allowed dealers and service techs to “re-flash” the vehicle’s control module to change engine settings without replacing any chip. So today, instead of chips, MADS company primarily sells hand-held tuners which achieve the same dramatic drive-train improvements, without the hassle of popping the hood, pulling out the vehicle control module and replacing a chip. Installation is quick and easy, taking about 1.5 up to 4.5 minutes, depending on the truck model, and requiring no tools or mechanical skills whatsoever.

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