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SCT specializes in automotive performance and fuel economy solutions for most Ford, GM and Dodge diesel trucks.

SCT Company Overview:

SCT’s strong background in software and OE automotive power train calibrations gives their company the ability to put the most powerful and functional tuning tools into their customers hands. When a customer sees the SCT name, they should know that they are in good hands.

SCT’s History in the Automotive Industry:

Long before SCT was incorporated, the key players in theSCT organization were already working inside the industry that they now serve. The core SCT team came from different areas of the automotive industry including performance shops, drag racing, vehicle calibrations, performance parts manufacturing, and aftermarket tuning. The software that SCT supports has been in development since 1996. The SCT Advantage Tuning Software has gone thru several redesigns to become the powerful tuning tool that it is today. Because of their extensive development, they are able to offer the ONLY comprehensive tuning tool the market has ever seen. The SCT tuning tool has been tested all over the world by over 600 tuners, performance shops, and performance manufacturers and OE’s.

The SCT Commitment to be the Best:

SCT’smission is to be the very best at what they do. Customer Support is the reason why they have the largest network of Custom Tuning Dealers in the World. Besides world class customer support, their software/hardware actually does what is advertised. Their expert calibration team leaves no vehicle un-tuned, and no problem unresolved.  SCT spends considerable time testing every product they sell on both the dyno and on the street. They often turn down opportunities to develop or sell other profitable products because they do not believe in them or because they know from experience that they will not work as advertised.  SCT would rather not sell something to their customers that is a waste of money or has not been proven to be worthwhile.

SCT on the leading edge:

Now and in the future, SCT will continue to push the industry forward with new technology and better tuning tools. They are normally the first to release calibrations and tuning products for the newest vehicles. They start working on performance calibrations for the newest vehicles the second a vehicle is released.

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