Diesel Fuel Tanks from Titan

Anyone who travels or pulls a payload knows that factory-equipped fuel tanks in diesel pickups limit range.  Save time,  improve range, cut fuel costs, and fill up when you want with Titan Diesel Fuel Tanks.  Titan extra heavy-duty cross-linked polyethylene fuel tank. Titan Diesel Fuel Tanks come complete with powder-coated cross-member bracket and steel strap set, rubber mounting bushing, vent hoses, rollover safety vent valves, seals and required clamps.

Titan Diesel Fuel Tanks utilize common sense design features, which simplify installation. They re-use most of the stock components, including the existing sending unit. The tank itself is nearly indestructible, but light enough to be handled by one or two people. You may think a vehicle hoist and transmission jack are ideal, but hand tools will get the job done!

Titan, the Best you can buy:

  • Made of High-Density Cross-Linked Polyethylene
  • Corrosion Proof, Durable, Lightweight (approx. 45 lbs.)
  • Easy to Install (2-4 hours)
  • Works with Existing Fuel Gauges
  • No Vehicle Modifications Necessary! (Mounts easily underneath.)

How much will a Titan Diesel Fuel Tank save me in a year?
On a cost-basis alone, a Titan Diesel Fuel Tank will pay for itself within 1-3 years,* depending how you use your truck.

*The range above only looks at the expected savings for those who use their trucks for business and pleasure. It does not take into account the convenience, safety, or efficiency that a Titan Diesel Fuel Tankoffers.

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