S&B Performance Intake Kit? How much horsepower will I see? Will it increase fuel economy?

S&B LogoHorsepower can be increased by increasing airflow to the vehicle’s engine. Typically, the OE stock air box and induction tube significantly restrict the airflow. S&B design’s its intake kits to increase the amount of horsepower by 5-10% by allowing the engine to breathe easier.

S&B does not publish horsepower results specific to each part because the majority of our competition makes outrageous horsepower claims that are unsupported and often are accompanied by the disclaimer “Up To, As Much As, or Results May Vary.” There is no standard for dyno testing, it is difficult to hold our competition accountable for their inflated claims. S&B utilizes its 1/2 million dollar, climate controlled lab to test its intake kits and filters to the same standard (ISO 5011 Test Standard) used by the OE manufacturers, so there is substance behind S&B’s test results.

S&B publishes 2 critical results: airflow & efficiency

1. Airflow Rating: This rating shows how much the filter/intake improves the airflow vs. stock. Improving the airflow results in more power and better fuel economy.

2. Efficiency Rating: Protecting your engine while dramatically improving the airflow is S&B’s competitive advantage which is why we post the efficiency numbers along with the airflow rating. The efficiency rating shows how much dirt our filters will stop. Our minimum goal for efficiency is 99.0%.

Will an S&B cold air intake kit provide me with an improvement in fuel economy?

The simple answer is yes. By lowering the restriction level vs. stock, the S&B intake allows the engine to work more efficiently which will improve fuel economy.

According to the Department of Energy, a dirty air filter will have an adverse affect on fuel economy. Fueleconomy.gov states that replacing a clogged air filter can improve your car’s gas mileage by as much as 10 percent.  The reason a clean filter improves fuel economy is because it is less restrictive than a dirty filter, so the engine works less to consume the air it needs. This S&B intake kit is substantially less restrictive than the OE induction system with a clean filter installed thus allowing the engine to breather even easier which results in better fuel economy. S&B does not make a specific claim with regards to fuel economy because there are too many factors that can affect your miles per gallon.

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