Banks PowerPack System

Banks PowerPack Systems

Would you believe us if we told you the Banks PowerPack System could get you an amazing 127 hp over stock? Well its true. On top of that it will get you up to 311TQ over stock! Sounds too good to be true? Banks conducted extensive trials to back up those claims.

These systems include a BigHead Wastegate Actuator and TwinRam Intake Manifold, 5″ Polished Stainless Steel Tailpipe Tip, and everything else you need to get going.

Improve airflow and reduce backpressure!

A Banks PowerPack Systems improves airflow and density getting rid of nearly all back pressure. Lowered gas temperatures and a more efficient engine are only a couple of the benefits of this powerful system

Without going over stock limits and damaging your engine, Banks added a module and turbine housing that will bring the most power without the system closing down when EGT maximums are surpassed.

Note: extension kit may be needed for proper fit

Let us help you with your engine needs. Visit our comprehensive website designed to make your shopping experience is enjoyable and hassle-free.

Give us a call at 714-848-2170 M-F from 8-5 PST – We will answer your questions regarding the Banks PowerPack System. Ask about Free Shipping!

Live locally? Feel free to stop by our location and meet us! OC DIESEL, INC. is located at 17242 Gothard Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92647 Suites A and B. We have a full service shop staffed with knowledgeable technicians who are ready to squash any Diesel Repair issues.

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