Tachometer Gauge

Gauges are used to give you a warning before you end up in the shop. Its important to know when your pressures and temperatures get higher, lower, or drop suddenly. Whether you are towing or doing some leisurely driving, knowing the importance of keeping your rpm’s at a reasonable level can make your vehicle last much longer.Tachometer gauges are used to measure rpm (revolutions per minute) of an engine. Tachometers help you to gauge how hard an engine is working. One rotation of the crankshaft is one rpm.

Prevent excessive wear and overheating

Tachometers indicate the rotation of the crankshaft. There is a red area of the display and when rev is too high or speeds accelerate too quickly the needle goes into this red area. This is called redlining and this is where you start to get into danger.  Spending too much time redlining can lead to overheating and damage to smaller sub parts in the engine. Diesel engines generally have injector systems that have a governor that will prevent you from even getting up to those speeds so many tachometers for diesels do not have a redline on the display.

Tachometers and manual transmissions

Tachometers are most beneficial to vehicles with an automatic transmission because you have some say in how rpm’s are used since you can shift gears. To get more bang for you buck at the gas pump, manual transmissions need to be shifted within a certain range of rpm’s. A Tachometer guides you so you know when to shift.

Which tachometer should I order?

Which tachometer you want depends a lot on how you want your control panel to look. Available in many colors schemes, you will find the one to compliment your truck. ISSPRO offers gauge kits that come with everything you need for installation like the ISSPRO EV2 Exhaust Back Pressure Gauge Kit0-100PSI.

Give us a call at 714-848-2170 M-F from 8-5 PST – We will answer your questions regarding Tachometer gauges. Ask about Free Shipping!

Live locally? We install Tachometers! Feel free to stop by our location and meet us! OC DIESEL, INC. is located at 17242 Gothard Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92647 Suites A and B. We have a full service shop staffed with knowledgeable technicians who are ready to squash any Diesel Repair issues.

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