Water Meth

The AEM Water-Methanol Injection Kit is for high-performance, forced-induction vehicles. Water/Methanol Injection Kits lessen the air inlet temperatures which enable users to intensify boost pressure to produce more power by taking advantage of the system under a heavy load. The kit comes in two options: 1 Gallon kit for racing applications and a 5 gallon HD kit for Diesel applications or for race cars that demand extended range.

What comes with the AEM Water-Methanol Injection Kit?

Both kits include all the required parts to do water/methanol injection correctly the first time around. Included is a standard fluid level sensor, recirculation-style pump, a controller with all the features you crave, and complete hardware and installation instructions for nearly any diesel purpose.

How does a water/methanol injection kit work?

After installation a boost-dependant, variable -flow progressive controller permits the user to establish the correct mixture of water/methanol to supply into the inlet stream from the fluid reservoir. The controller directs a high-pressure recirculation-style 150-PSI pump that transports the mixture. Overall flow modifications at the inlet are made through one of the three different sized jets included in the kit to match most engine requirements in regards to power.

New state of the art recirculation-style pump

Compared to the older model switched-style pumps, AEM’s recirculation-style pump is far superior. It offers unparalleled reliability and provides a much smoother ride. The all new internal bypass design halts erratic control switching and provides unfailing fluid delivery for top notch performance. Manufactured with Santoprene diaphram and EPDM seals, this pump will tolerate the the most severe of alcohol combinations.

Built in Boost Safe Element

AEM Water/Methanol controllers in this injection kit have a Boost Safe element. It lets the user delay timing or diminish boost through a ground output if the system is depleted of fluid or identifies a controller error ensuring dependable operation of the engine weather the engine is running or not. Important safeguards have been built into the system to cut down on the chances of non-operation. Some of these safeguards are a fluid level sensor in the reservoir, internal controller diagnostics and an LED dash light to warn the user of a low fluid leveler an error code.

NOTE: This kit is intended for use for cars in racing applications. Vehicles with water/methanol systems are not allowed on highways!

Give us a call at 714-848-2170 M-F from 8-5 PST – We will answer your questions regarding the AEM Water-Methanol Injection Kit. Ask about Free Shipping!

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