Cetane Booster

Boost power and fuel economy with PPE Cetane Booster

PPE Cetane Booster can increase your power, improve fuel economy and keeps your injectors and pump well lubricated and protected. It also has the ability to keep your fuel system clean and reduce deposits. Cetane booster improves starts in cold weather and stops fuel from waxing and gelling up. Improve corrosion resistance with this super effective mixture. Fuel storage stability and water separation is just another perq to using PPE Cetane Booster.

How much Cetane Booster do I need?

The PPE Opti-Lube Performance Blend is the best fuel additive you can buy for your diesel. Maximized performance and fuel economy are only a couple of the many benefits this product provides. One bottle is enough for two trips to the pump. In severely cold weather conditions, add a 12 oz bottle to a 25 gallon tank.

Get it now from at OC Diesel!

Give us a call at 714-848-2170 M-F from 8-5 PST – We will answer your questions regarding the PPE Cetane Booster. Ask about Free Shipping!

Live locally? Feel free to stop by our location and meet us! OC DIESEL, INC. is located at 17242 Gothard Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92647 Suites A and B. We have a full service shop staffed with knowledgeable technicians who are ready to squash any Diesel Repair issues.

The Diesel Performance Experts

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