Duramax tie rod sleeves

PacBrake Duramax tie rod sleeves

What are tie rods?

A tie rod is a part of the steering device in your truck. Basically, a tie rod is a thin rod used as a structure tie and only rated for tensile strength. They convert force from the steering center link of the steering knuckle triggering the wheel to turn. The outer tie rod end connects to a modifying sleeve which is what is regulated to set a trucks alignment angle. The tie rods are usually constructed thicker at the ends so they don’t become compromised when threads are cut into it.

Quality construction for safety

Yearly inspection of your trucks steering and suspension is recommended as well as a wheel alignment. A damaged tie rod can cause crazy steering, tire wear, or cause your truck to be all over the road. Tie rods are most recommended for off road conditions but can be used for any application. Pacbrake tie rods are constructed of steel instead of the cast iron stock rods to prevent bending or breaking and improves front wheel traction in 4WD vehicles.

How do you break a tie rod?

One reason for a broken tie rod is if your torsion bars have been moved up and the front end is raised. This puts the tie rods at an angle so when you take off in a 4WD the wheel can get forced to the inside then push against the tie rod. If its not parallel then it takes the brunt of the force its getting in the other direction, and snap there goes your tie rod. Tie Rod Sleeves are suggested for even further reinforcement for tie rods especially in off road applications.

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