4wd Shocks

The Daystar 2.5″ Lift Front Scorpion Shock Absorbers are available for almost any type of use. Used in conjunction with the Daystar comfort ride and leveling kits, these shocks provide you with a super comfortable ride. The two products used together are perfect for the enthusiast who is looking for a simple way to add a  2 to 3 inch lift to their vehicle. These shocks are tuned for your exact application needs for the best performance possible. One of the many benefits of installing these shocks on your truck is the twin-tube construction that helps allows for more oil capacity and cuts down on shock fade.

Engineered for long life and durability

A heavy duty piston seal and rapidity responsive valving stack are encased in the shocks and are paired with a chrome piston shaft that will prolong the life and durability of your shocks. These shocks provide added strength by means of adding polyurethane bushings and shock boots. The Daystar 2.5″ Lift Front Scorpion Shock Absorbers are intended for use with the well known Daystar Comfort Lift and Leveling and Leveling kits calling for longer shocks. They are sold in kits and or by themselves as replacements.

Features of the Daystar 4wd Shocks

These shocks are engineered to prevent foaming and shock fade under the most rigorous of conditions. The piston shafts are manufactured from chrome-hardened material increasing durability. Included in the package are black bushings and boots. One of a kind camouflage color gives these shocks a more rugged look.

What is the function of shock absorbers?

Shock absorbers absorb or disperse energy and help to cushion your truck on uneven roads or in off-road applications. A more comfortable ride and cutting down on excessive suspension movement is the desired effect of installing shocks onto your vehicle. A suspension system is made up of a system of springs, shocks, and linkages that that connect the wheels to the vehicle. These parts work together to improve road holding power and braking as well as keeping the passengers safe and comfortable. This system also cuts down on road noise, bumps and vibrations.

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