Evolution Wastegate

Compact design for small turbos

The Turbonetics Evolution Wastegate is the leader in externally mounted boost control! The Evolution has a cast 304 stainless constructed body, nitronic 60 stainless steel one-piece valve, rolling type diaphram and a polished aluminum cap. The body of the wastegate is designed with a computer flow analysis ensuring the most efficient engineering. Its compact design is tailored to fit into the smallest of turbo systems. Its floating valve seat can stand up to 400+hp and outflows other systems up to 20 percent. In 2009 Turbonetics added an adjustable screw in the cap which now comes standard with each kit.

How does a wastegate work?

A pressure actuator is regulated by boost pressure and establishes whether the wastegate is open or closed. When the wastegate is closed, it is in its latent position. As the boost pressure raises, force is employed to the actuator. when the boost pressure surpasses the spring value, the actuator will gradually open the wastegate, sidestepping some of the gases from the exhaust allowing it to keep the boost pressure at a set level. In simple terms, a wastegate prevents the boost pressure from climbing for an indefinite period and as a result killing the engine.

Why do I need an aftermarket wastegate?

Most factory turbo systems have a built in wastegate intended for use with stock boost levels. Installing an aftermarket external wastegate is designed for if you want to install an upgraded turbo or for better control of boost levels and power from your engine. Furthermore, most tuners will suggest an external wastegate for an engine putting out 400hp or more. If you try to use a factory wastegate to support a high horsepower engine, the actuator spring will be conquered and limit your boost levels. An aftermarket wastegate has larger ports, higher pressure springs and a larger diaphragms to control high boost pressure.

Banks Power also offers the Wastegate Actuator

An additional manufacturer of Wastegate actuators is Banks Power. They offer actuators for Ford, Dodge and GM.

We offer a wide selection of  Wastegate Actuator products for most diesel truck, motorhome, and RV owners. Enjoy better fuel economy and engine performance with our selection of Wastegate Actuators. Whatever your activities or applications, adding a  Wastegate Actuator can help improve overall performance. We also carry many replacement parts, accessories and components.

Give us a call at 714-848-2170 M-F from 8-5 PST – We will answer your questions regarding the Turbonetics Evolution Wastegate. Ask about Free Shipping!

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