Recon Winch

Features of the Recon Winch

The Recon Winch  has all you are looking for if you are an enthusiast in mudding, off-roading, rock climbing,or  salvage and recovery. Recons top of the line winches offer you the highest quality in line speed and unparalleled pulling power. With a lightening quick 28 feet per minute line speed and a pulling capacity of 117,500 pounds, you will never be left stranded out on the trail. The Recon Winch features automatic in-the-drum brakes and a sliding ring gear clutch.

The gear ratio of the Recon Winch is set at 358.4:1 for an increase in torque and a 7.0hp series wound motor. The cable line is constructed of aircraft grade steel and measures out to 1/16″ diameter by 92ft. length. The Recon Winch is covered by a lifetime warranty.

How does a winch work?

The winch is powered by the vehicles battery. The motor gives power to the gear mechanism that turns the winch drum and winds the steel wire rope. The winch drum is the cylinder that the rope feeds onto. It is driven by the motor and drive train.  The reduction gear transforms the winch motor power into a massive pulling force. The brake is automatically applied to the winch drum when the motor stops and there is a load on the rope.

The brake prevents the winch from letting out line and this holds the vehicle in place. The clutch then lets the user manually unfasten the spooling drum from the gear train letting the drum spool freely. Operating the clutch bolts the winch drum back onto the gear train. Another feature of the Recon Winch is the control box. The control box gets its power from your trucks battery. Solenoids convert power to the motor, letting the user change direction of the winch drum rotation.  The remote control plugs into the winch control box. This enables an operator to control the winch direction not to mention gives you the ability to operate the winch at a safe distance.

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