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ATS Diesel Deep Transmission Pan for Ford Powerstroke

Ford Powerstroke 7.3L/6.0L (1994-2007) E4OD/4R100/5R10

ATS Deep Transmission Pans extend oil life and scheduled services, lower transmission heat and make servicing easier

ATS Aluminum Pans offer the finest in protection, fluid capacity and lubrication benefits. All ATS pans are powder-coated. This powder-coating not only keeps your pan looking great for years to come, but also aids in dispersing heat and cooling fluid. ATS aluminum pans are cast, milled and coated right here in Arvada to ensure that you get high quality, made in America products.

Deep Pan Features and Benefits Include:
Pre-Tapped For Sensor
5 Extra Quarts of Fluid Over Stock
Magnetic 1″ Drain Plug
Everything You Need For Easy Installation

ATS Deep Transmission Pan Questions & Answers:

Q: How much extra fluid does your ATS Deep Pan hold?
A: The ATS Deep Pan holds an extra 5 quarts of fluid for exceptional cooling benefits and increased gear lubrication. This extra fluid also allows for more miles between fluid service.

Q: Does it have a port for a temperature gauge?
A: Yes it has a 1/8th NPT fitting on the side of the pan for easy installation of a gauge probe.

Q: Does your transmission ATS Deep Pan use a O-Ring or gasket to seal?
A: The transmission ATS Deep Pan uses a gasket to seal the pan to the transmission.

Q: Is the gasket reusable?
A: For both Ford and GM, the gaskets are reusable. The Dodge pan uses a paper gasket which is not reusable. However, we recommend replacing the gasket with the one we provide anytime you add the ATS Deep Pan to your transmission.

Q: Does the transmission ATS Deep Pan have a filter extender or do I need to purchase bigger filter?
A: The Dodge comes with a block that will extend the reach of your stock filter. Ford Deep Pans are designed to work with the stock filter as well, so no need to buy a different filter. The Duramax requires a deeper filter, but this filter is included with the ATS Deep Pan.

Q: How much further does the transmission ATS Deep Pan extend over stock?
A: Depends on your vehicle, but the extra depth ranges from 2-4 inches.

Q: Does your ATS Deep Pan have a drain plug?
A: It not only has a drain plug, but a magnetic drain plug.

Q: What is your ATS Deep Pan made out of?
A: Aluminum

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