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AEM DRYFLOW air filters do not use oil so there is no chance of over-oiling your filter which takes the guesswork out of servicing. The DRYFLOW filter uses environmentally friendly, mild, all-purpose cleaner.  Simple cleaning instructions.  Under extremely dusty/dirty conditions, DRYFLOW filters can be knocked a few times to remove excess dirt off of the filter pleats. DRYFLOW filter media is so durable that it can withstand almost unlimited cleanings and also resists water absorption. DRYFLOW air filters will not void your warranty.

DRYFLOW filters are constructed to last!  Not that you would ever do this to your filter, but with a DRYFLOW conical filter you could…

Incredible durability
Incredible durability
DRYFLOW filter media bounces back to original shape
DRYFLOW filter media bounces back to original shape

Many of their competitors emphasize flow as a primary means of power production in air intakes. While flow is certainly an important part of the equation, they find that tuning the inlet to work with the harmonics of the engine produces the best power gains. They address flow in the sense that the engine requires a given amount of flow, so they calculate their filter size to exceed this flow requirement by a wide margin to accommodate potential future engine modifications. This allows them to retain a high level of filtration efficiency and still exceed the flow requirements of an engine. Their filters will trap more dirt, and consequently extend the life of the rings and seals in your engine.

By designing their DRYFLOW filters to exceed the flow requirements for the size of the engine that they designed the intake for, it allows them to do two things. The first is that it allows you to add modifications that increase flow demand without exceeding the flow capabilities of the filter. Second, it extends the filter’s service cycle (you don’t have to clean it as often) because it can trap more dirt without sacrificing flow. Rest assured that they have taken flow into account for all of their intake designs and their DRYFLOW filters will deliver more than adequate flow for your vehicle.

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