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ATS Diesel E-Power Tuner

ATS Diesel  who is normally known for their billet pieces or ATS Diesel automatic transmissions – has come out with an impressive ATS diesel E-Power Tuner. This tuner gives the same flexibility for power increase than others like Smarty or Edge. It’s not as fancy looking and the display is what it is but the product is quality especially for the price tag at Orange County Diesel.

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Towing and HP Increase Ease with ATS E-Power Tuner

The ATS Diesel E-Power Electronic Tuner is the most complete option for your diesel. This programmer includes three tuning files capable of adding between 30 and 170 horsepower. The E-Power retains the stock programming in memory and you can use the tuner to retrieve diagnostic trouble codes and clear items if needed.

Fuel efficiency is a balance of precise fuel metering with exact timing control. The timing and fuel tables are designed to provide economy at lower level and extreme performance at higher levels.

Use the lower level for maximum fuel economy, while boosting power minimally. The “tow” program delivers explosive torque and economy while keeping reasonable EGTs. When you’re looking for massive power, there is no replacement for the “race” setting.

Control your engine functions and recalibrate transmission functions to improve transmission life with the ATS E-Power Programmer.

ATS Diesel E-Power Tuner Features and Benefits

  • ATS E-Power Tuner Features:
  • Includes three tuning files
  • Capable of adding 30-170 horsepower
  • Designed to provide economy at lower levels
  • Offers extreme performance at high levels
  • Retains stock programming in memory
  • Easy to retrieve and clear trouble codes

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