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ATS Diesel Billet Input Shafts

The Input Shaft is a vital part of your truck’s transmission. It’s an important piece of what can be considered the backbone of your transmission. Given that it’s the first hard part to transmit power from your engine to the transmission, the Input Shaft has a lot to handle. Furthermore, if you happen to add more power to your engine, additional towing loads, bigger tires, or even a combination of all three together, you’ll be demanding a lot more than what the factory Input Shaft was designed for.

Luckily, OC DIESEL has you covered when it comes to high-quality replacement Input Shafts. If upgrading your shafts or simply needing to replace a broken one, we recommend ATS Diesel Billet Input Shafts. The theory behind the durability of ATS Diesel Billet Input Shafts is not quite what you might have had in mind. The quality in these billet steel shafts does not simply lie within their strength, but also in their greater ability to absorb more torsional load. ATS Diesel Billet Input Shafts are able to rotate further without breaking. This flexibility allows the transmission more give and lets it transmit a higher torque and load without breaking!

Chances are that you are aware what will happen if the Input Shaft in your transmission breaks. Your truck will stop dead in its tracks. You also run the risk of damaging your torque converter, front pump, and front seal. ATS Diesel Billet Input Shafts represent a great added peace of mind to make sure your truck will perform in all of your high torque applications!

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