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ATS Diesel Twin CP3 Kits

Do you use your GM Duramax or Dodge Cummins Diesel Truck not only as your daily driver, but also out on the track? If so, then you might want to learn of the significant benefits your truck can gain by adding an additional fuel pump to its performance package. With competition use, and especially in high horse power applications, a single CP3 injection pump can only supply so much fuel to the engine before becoming inefficient. Eventually, as the RPMs and engine’s fuel demands increase, a single stock pump becomes unable to keep up with the demand for more fuel. This leads to drops in both volume and pressure. Consequently, your engine can experience power loss, a spike in EGTs, and an overall decrease in pump life.

However, you don’t have to settle for less. OC DIESEL has you covered with solution options from ATS Diesel Performance. We carry ATS Diesel Twin CP3 Injection Kits, which have proven themselves at the competition level time after time. The key to achieving and maintaining higher power levels is not only to increase fuel pressure, but to increase fuel volume as well. ATS Diesel Twin CP3 Injection Kits can provide higher fuel volumes at commanded rail pressure. Rather than having you tap into the factory fuel line, an ATS Diesel Twin CP3 Kit will come with the necessary hardware to provide twin fuel lines, which will also have a larger internal diameter than factory and competition fuel lines.

The kits also come equipped with smaller billet pulleys which allow maximum flow out of the secondary CP3 pump. Furthermore, you have the convenience of choosing a kit with or without the secondary pump. Whether you’re looking to replace your pump, considering an upgrade from a single pump to two, or even replacing an old diesel twin CP3 kit, ATS Diesel Twin CP3 Kits are a sensible choice for adding the needed performance to your setup. Be sure to take a look at our line of ATS Diesel Twin CP3 Kits today!!!

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