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Banks High-Ram Intake Improves Response & MPG

How airflow restrictions waste power
  • Intake Restrictions cause engines to work harder.
  • Exhaust back pressure generates a massive engine heat-load
  • To expel exhaust power is taken from the crankshaft
  • The cooling fans will run more, taking power and making noise
  • Increased friction from hot, degrading lubricants
  • Gasoline-vehicle makers mask poor-airflow problems (eg. detonation) with overly-rich fuel
  • Excess fuel is wasted, worsening mileage and emissions
  • Inadequate airflow chokes engine’s potential
Larger & less restrictive than the puny stock air intake, Banks High-Ram allows a greater flow of oxygen-rich air into the cylinders for instant torque & responsiveness + greater fuel economy.
Cooler, denser air packs real power. That’s an absolute fact. So why would you choke off all that power-packed air at the last second on its way from the intercooler to the intake manifold? That’s exactly what the stock air intake does.
The 3 inch Banks High-Ram changes all that. Designed on the computer using computational fluid dynamics, tested on the flow bench and proved on the dyno, High-Ram is much more than just another pretty air inlet. For even greater airflow with more power and improved throttle response, step-up to the 3 1/2 inch Banks High-Ram system with Boost Tube.

Above: Notice how cramped and angular the factory inlet is
compared to Banks’ larger, streamlined cast-metal High-Ram

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