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Why does my intercooler hose keeps popping off!? BD Diesel may offer some help.

There are various reasons for intercooler hoses popping off. Some people complain it’s from a defect in the intercooler boot. Others are because the hose is just getting old and beginning to wear. Sometimes its just too much boost pressure – coupled with an aging hose. All of it is bad, and for the most part can be remedied simply. Some people try using multiple clamps along with some hairspray or superglue or some kind of magic ritual when the stars are aligned just right. This usually will not work. Some people buy entirely new intercoolers to solve the problem. I say why not try a new hose and clamp set? It worked for me. It may work for you too.

Eye-catching blue Nomex silicone hoses can withstand over 100 psi pounds per square inch of boost, and are secured by rugged, spring-loaded, stainless steel T-bar clamps. Engineered for each individual application, BD hose and clamp kits are a must for any modified turbo diesel.

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