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Dual vs. Single Exhaust Systems

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Have you ever wondered if dual exhaust systems are quieter than single exhaust systems? Well, you are not alone Diesel Tech Magazine writers has asked themselves that very question and have gone out to find the answers for you. It seems that dual exhausts are not necessarily quieter, but they do have less in-cab noise and less of a drone.

The reason for that is that sound waves in dual exhausts end up splitting between each side of the vehicle so noise resonating back into the cabs is often canceled by opposing waves.  However, outside of the cab a dual exhaust can be just as loud as a single, with 5” exhaust being typically louder than a 4” system.  It seems that control of noise levels then really comes down to finding the right muffler. Diesel Tech Magazine recommends Banks Monster Exhaust Systems and BD Diesel Mufflers.

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