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BD Diesel Exhaust Brakes

Increase Stopping Performance with a BD Diesel Exhaust Brake

Incorporating BD’s exclusive Variable Orifice Technology, the BD Diesel Exhaust Brake provides up to 150 retarding horsepower throughout the engine’s RPM range – not just at high rpm like other brands. The rugged, cast-iron housing incorporates BD’s exclusive alumibronze bushing and piston ring-sealed, stainless steel butterfly shaft that has proven to stand up under the harsh, high-heat conditions of the exhaust environment. The BD Brake is the most widely-recognized exhaust brake in the industry for one simple reason: it’s the best! Descending grades with trailers can be hazardous, tricky situations, resulting in over heated service and trailer brakes, that leads to brake fade, excessive wear, and costly unwarranted repairs. BD Engine brake has been the industries time proven variable regulating back-pressure exhaust brake.

BD Diesel uses their exclusive Variable Butterfly Technology, providing peak retarding power throughout the engine’s rpm range unlike some models that rely on a hole or orifice within the butterfly to calibrate back-pressure. Using a hole/orifice is only effective in the higher engine RPM range.

The advantage to regulating the butterfly versus other brands is The Butterfly is constantly exercising thus reducing the possibility of carbon and rust deposit forming that can cause premature ware and binding. Furthermore no maintenance or lubricating is required providing miles of trouble free service.

Controlled by a lighted On/Off toggle switch or optional stick-mounted rocker switch for manual transmissions, the BD brake communicates with the engine’s electronic idle verification board for quick engagement creating exhaust back pressure into the engine effectively.

BD Diesel Exhaust Brake Features

  • The exclusive BD alumibronze bushing and a stainless steel shaft that incorporates 3 piston rings prevents exhaust leakage and the butterfly shaft from sticking open or closed.
  • BD’s spring loaded air cylinder ensures the butterfly always returns to the open position and the quick release valve is designed for a smooth butterfly opening cycle.
  • BD’s butterfly, rotating shaft, lever, brackets and all mounting hardware are made of corrosion resistant stainless steel.

Remote Mount vs. Turbo Mount?

  • Remote Mount brakes are used for applications where engine compartment space is a problem and mounting the exhaust brake in the main exhaust system is the only option, or, turbo mount is not available (I.E. Van application or Motorhome).
  • Turbo Mount brakes mount directly onto (or immediately behind) the turbocharger. These brakes are usually easier to install and have the quickest activation. This is generally the preferred brake to install unless installation room is an issue.

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