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ATS Diesel Twin CP3 Injection Pump Kit



The ATS Diesel Twin CP3 Kit for Dodge Cummins can be used on any Cummins motor ranging from a daily driver to competition use and is a MUST with high horsepower applications. A single CP3 injection pump can only supply a so much fuel before it becomes inefficient and unable to supply the commanded amount of fuel which causes both volume and pressure to drop. This will result in power loss, High EGT’s and decreased pump life.

Adding the ATS Twin CP3 Kit to your Cummins will supply the motor with the correct amount of fuel pressure that is being commanded by the ECM throughout the entire rpm range. ATS Twin CP3’s will flow enough fuel to allow the use of competition injector nozzles without setting a “Low Fuel Rail Pressure” code.

You do not have to sacrifice drivability for your horsepower needs with the ATS Twin CP3 kit.

Features and Benefits:

  • Increased fuel volume
  • Maintains stock fuel pressure
  • Increased performance
  • Increased reliability
  • Everything’s included for easy Installation

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