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Get your RV ready for Camping Season

It’s the time of year to get that RV back in shape for some winter camping trips!! Here are some general tips that will help  steer you toward a stress-free season on the road:

  1. Clean it up and air it out:  Open all roof vents and windows and then remove any pest control items you may have placed during storage.
  2. Check for damage: Look for deterioration of seals around doors, roof vents and windows and reseal as necessary.
  3. Check all lights. Make sure headlights, taillights, brake lights and turn signals are all functioning properly.
  4. Examine the hitch system for wear, loose bolts and cracks.
  5. Inspect the tires. Check for cracks, worn treads and correct tire pressure.
  6. Inspect the engine. Change the engine oil, spark plugs, and filters.
  7. Check the battery.
  8. Drain and flush the entire system of the nontoxic antifreeze you used before placing the RV into storage and replace with the proper coolant.
  9. Check for cracks in hoses and fan belts and replace if necessary.
  10. Flush the water system.
Prepare for a safe season. After checking all mechanical components, it’s always a good idea to inspect your safety equipment. This means installing new batteries in flashlights and smoke detectors, and restocking the first-aid kits.
Check your coverage. After making these routine checks, don’t forget to review your insurance policy to make sure it meets your current needs.
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