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Diesel Vs. Gasoline, which should you buy?

There are many benefits to buying a diesel truck instead of gasoline. When diesel’s first came out, they were recognized as loud, dirty and awkward. This stereotype no longer exists. Today’s diesel trucks are quieter, cleaner and sleeker. Compared to gasoline engines, diesel offers increased fuel economy, cleaner emissions, increased towing power, easier maintenance and higher value retention.

Increased Fuel Economy: Diesel fuel contains more energy per gallon than gasoline, meaning that diesel engines can produce more power while using less fuel than a gasoline engine. It is for this reason that diesel engines average 20-30% better fuel economy than similar vehicles with gas engines. Example: If gas and diesel prices were identical, using a diesel engine would save the driver about $1,500 or more in fuel costs for every 100,000 miles of driving, according to industry estimates.

Cleaner Emissions: Technological advances have increased the cleanliness of diesel vehicles. High pressure direct injection systems make diesel engines more effective at reducing greenhouse gases during combustion. Special Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF)stops the majority of soot particles from being released into the air. Also, advances have reduced the amount of fuel required for combustion, meaning that diesels burn less fuel and therefore emit less carbon dioxide than gasoline vehicles.

Increased Towing Capacity: Increased torque is one of the biggest benefits to diesel engines. While gasoline cars generally have high rates of horsepower, diesels generally have far more torque. This enables them to pull or tow greater loads.

Easy Maintenance: Because diesel engines function differently than gasoline engines, they need servicing less frequently and require less complicated repairs. They also last longer on average than gasoline engines do. Gas units burn much hotter than diesel units, which reduces their lifespan. When properly cared for, diesel engines can run for more than 250,000 miles.

Value Retention: Many people may decide against diesel engines because of the initial higher cost of purchasing the vehicle. However, the increased fuel economy and reduced maintenance costs will pay for the engine over time. When diesel owners decide to trade in or sell their vehicle, they typically find that their vehicles are worth more than similar gas engine models. There is an increasing demand for used diesel vehicles as consumers realize the many benefits to owning this type of vehicle.

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