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What is water/methanol Injection?

If you own a diesel truck and are looking for more power, a water/methanol injection kit might be just what you need. A concerning factor to forced induction from your turbo is that the process heats up the intake and increases EGT’s (Exhaust Gas Temperatures).

Water works very well at killing excess heat and, when injected into an engine’s intake airstream, can significantly reduce temperatures. You can add boost and fueling improvements to your diesel, with little or no increase in intake exhaust temps, if water injection is added.

Methanol is often mixed with the water because it’s a very high octane fuel. It burns a lot slower and cooler than gas you get at the pump. The ratio of water to methanol can be adjusted depending on the application and desired results. For more cooling effect, you could inject up to 100% water. If you just wanted huge boost in horsepower you could add upwards of 50% methanol.

5 Gallon HD Water Injection Kit

Water/Methanol Kits for Diesel Engines

The AEM HD Water/Methanol Injection kit with 5 gallon tank includes all the elements necessary to do water/methanol injection right on nearly every turbo diesel pickup truck or SUV.  The AEM HD system is a safe, economical way to increase horsepower and torque at a fraction of the cost of multiple diesel performance add-on products such as propane injection, nitrous injection, intercooler upgrades, etc.    Make more power, reduce EGTs and emissions, and increase fuel economy with one easy to use system!

Key Features
Comes loaded with more standard high quality features than any other comparably priced system available, including:
·       5 Gallon tank with built in low level switch
·       Boost referenced progressive controller
·       “Boost Safe” readiness safety system
·       Check valve to prevent unintended fluid flow
·       Two injectors and an assortment of interchangeable nozzles to cover a wide range of Diesel HP levels
·       Heavy duty high pressure recirculation-style pump
·       LED dash light for system status and low fluid warning
·       20 ft. of injection tubing

How Water/Methanol Injection Works
Reduce Inlet Air Charge Temperatures
Water/methanol injection helps to reduce inlet air charge temperatures and enhance combustion on turbo diesel engines.  A highly atomized mist of water/methanol mix is injected into the inlet air charge where it immediately starts to evaporate.  The inlet air temperature is reduced through evaporative cooling as the fluid changes states and goes from a liquid to a vapor.  This “liquid inter-cooling” effect can reduce intake air temperatures by as much as 100°F or more!  A cooler, denser air charge delivers more oxygen that allows for more fuel to be burned and more horsepower to be made.

Enhance Combustion
Combined, water and methanol can significantly increase the power output of your turbo diesel by providing more oxygen for combustion and burning more fuel more completely.  Water absorbs heat which allows it to reduce excessive combustion temperatures.  As the water absorbs heat it turns into steam which has a large expansion rate. This expansion helps to increase the mean effective cylinder pressure without creating any dangerous pressure spikes.  Methanol promotes a more equal and complete combustion event throughout the entire combustion chamber.

Reduce EGT’s and Emissions
Water/methanol injection also reduces EGTs and emissions.  By burning more of the available fuel in the combustion chamber more completely, less fuel is present in the super-heated exhaust manifold where it can flash ignite, increasing EGTs and creating particulate emissions (soot).  Enhancing combustion with water/methanol injection eliminates this secondary combustion of raw fuel which can reduce EGTs by 250° or more.  By reducing particulate emissions, diesel particulate filters do not fill up as quickly and the regeneration process occurs less often saving fuel and reducing excessive engine wear.  The presence of water in the combustion chamber absorbs heat and reduces combustion temps which also reduce nitrogen oxide emissions.

Increased Fuel Economy and Overall Engine Efficiency
Water/methanol injection also has a number of beneficial side effects beyond the primary benefits of reduced EGTs and more horsepower.  The combustion enhancement helps to extract all the potential energy out of the fuel and use it directly towards making power.  With less fuel being wasted engine efficiency is increased which creates an increase in fuel economy.  Less raw fuel in the exhaust means less soot and carbon buildup which helps keep the oil cleaner longer making the engine run cooler and more efficiently while reducing wear and tear.  Many new turbo diesels utilize an exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system to comply with emissions standards that can severely choke the air intake with massive carbon deposits.  Water/methanol also has a “steam cleaning” effect that can eliminate carbon deposits allowing for increase air flow and engine efficiency.

AEM Diesel Water/Methanol Injection Diagram


AEM Water/Methanol Injection System Features

  • Comes Loaded With Standard Features
  • Boost Referenced Progressive Controller
  • “Boost Safe” Readiness Safety System
  • Recirculation-Style Pump

Legal in California only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway.


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