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Ford 6.0L Lack of Power, White/Black Smoke or a Surge

This information apply to all FORD: 6.0L 2003-2005 Excursion
6.0L 2003-2007 F-Super Duty
6.0L 2004-2009 E-Series
6.0L 2004-2007 F-650, F-750

OC Diesel knows that some 2003-2007 F-Super Duty, 6.0L 2004-2007 F-650/750, 6.0L 2003-2005 Excursion and 6.0L 2004-2009 Econoline vehicles may exhibit one or a combination of the following concerns: lack of power, white/black smoke or a surge.

Pertaining to 6.0L 2003-2007 F-Super Duty, 6.0L 2003-2005 Excursion, and 6.0L 2004-2009 Econoline these concerns may or may not be accompanied by any one, or a combination, of the following diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs): P0238, P0299, P0404, P0478, P2262 and/or P2263. These concerns and/or DTCs could be a result of cooking deposits inside the turbocharger for which OC Diesel has a solution.

The 6.0L 2004-2007 F-Super Duty 650-750 may have these concerns and may not be accompanied with the following DTCs: 261, 342, 343, 353, 354 and/or 361. These concerns may also be a result of cooking deposits inside the turbocharger.

OC Diesel can help these cooking deposits concerns that may be affecting the inside of  your turbocharger turbine housing. The cooking can impede vane response causing high or low instances of exhaust pressure and will usually decrease fuel economy, too. Unexpected exhaust pressure results can cause over-boost, under-boost, insufficient or excessive exhaust gas recirculation, or unexpected EGR valve position, resulting in fatal engine wear.

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