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Silverline 4″ Diesel Exhaust Systems


Why choose Silverline for your diesel exhaust needs??

If you are looking for enhanced sound, improved appearance, extended life of the exhaust, lower exhaust gas temperatures, better fuel mileage, and increased performance, there is no better choice then Silverline!!


T304 & T409 Stainless Single Turbo Back Exhaust System*

T304 & T409 Stainless Single Cat Back Exhaust System*

T304 & T409 Stainless Dual Turbo Back Exhaust System*

T304 & T409 Stainless Dual Cat Back Exhaust System*

And speaking of performance… check out the results of this Silverline independent dyno test!!


Silverline HP


Silverline TORQUE

Blue line- without exhaust (standard)

Red line- with exhaust

An increase in dyno testing shows a correct change, while a decrease shows an incorrect change. Silverline exhaust systems improved performance by as much as 13 horsepower and 23 ft. lbs. of torque!!

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