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S&B Diesel Cold Air Intake System

S&B’s performance intake kits are all about improving your trucks engine. It’s just a matter of exceptional design.

  • Quicker Acceleration: Reduces Turbo Lag
  • More Power: custom air box for cool, dense air
  • Improves Fuel Economy: lower EGT’s and air resistance
  • Guaranteed Engine Protection: tested to the ISO 5011 Filtration Standards

Why S&B?

1. It’s all about airflow.

State-of-the-art engineering maximizes airflow while providing a fit that rivals stock.

2. Stops the dirt.

Filtration is what separates S&B from their competitors. S&B is able to provide exceptional airflow characteristics without sacrificing efficiency.

3. Your truck’s warranty is safe.

Installing a S&B Intake Kit will not void your trucks warranty. If a dealer does deny your warranty repair, S&B will quickly reimburse you for the repair and will pursue the dealer to recoup the cost.

4. S&B actually makes it.

How can S&B offer such a great deal? Easy, they actually manufacture their products. Other competitors are more expensive because they have to purchase some or all of their components from other companies.

Dramatically more airflow in less than 30 minutes.

Great looks are just the beginning. S&B Cold Air Intakes are easy to install providing you with an OE fit and aftermarket performance.

Give us a call at 714-848-2170 M-F from 8-5 PST – We will answer your questions regarding the S&B’s performance intake kits. Ask about Free Shipping!

Live locally? Feel free to stop by our location and meet us! OC DIESEL, INC. is located at 17242 Gothard Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92647 Suites A and B. In addition to carrying S&B’s performance intake kits, we have a full service shop staffed with knowledgeable technicians who are ready to squash any Diesel Repair issues.

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