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Spearco Diesel Intercooler Upgrades

Spearco Intercoolers

Ford Powerstroke | GM Duramax | Dodge Cummins

Dodge Cummins

Designed to drop right into place in the Hot Rod of diesel trucks. The 5.9L continues to be an incredible platform to easily make power and the intercooler should be the first thing or immediately after putting performance electronics on your truck.

Spearco Intercooler upgrades allow you to get the most towing and pulling potential out of your Dodge Cummins. The workhorse of the diesel world, the 5.9L Stage 1 bolt-ons allow you to tow higher capacities and still keep EGTs low, while the big power upgrades of Stages 2 & 3 mean you can finally pull 300 ft. with ease.

Ford Powerstroke

The Ford Powerstroke family of engines see fantastic gains from bolting on these turbo and intercooler upgrades. We recommend upgrading the intercooler first and then after you have taken care of the fuel system needs, moving on to the turbocharger. Perfectly designed for towing, the Stage 1 turbo and intercooler bring both the 6.0L and 6.4L to life.

GM Duramax

The GM Duramax with Allison transmission show what a factory platform can produce and the GM Duramax Torque-Master line of products are designed and tested to run perfectly to tow harder, faster, and heavier. The bolt-on turbos and intercoolers increase boost, lower EGTs and make more power and torque.

An incredible factory engine and transmission deserve the best aftermarket parts available. The Torque-Master bolt-on parts for the Duramax allow you to see performance levels you want. Drop-in intercooler and turbo upgrades let you tow harder, faster and make the torque needed to move big payloads.

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