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Torco SUPER DIESEL MOTOR OIL, only the best for your Diesel!


TD-1 is a blend of hydro-processed petroleum base oils, special polymers and the proprietary MPZ additive system focused on superior performance and engine protection. The special detergents and dispersants contained in TD-1 keep sulfated ash to a minimum (low SAPS). TD-1 is fortified with oxidation and corrosion inhibitors, high temperature anti-wear additives and foam inhibitors to protect vital parts during long drain service. It is designed to give excellent performance in all 2007 emission compliant engines using ultra low sulfur diesel fuel (ULSD). Meets or exceeds the performance requirements of virtually all diesel and many gasoline engine manufacturers.

TD-1 Super Diesel Motor Oil is designed for long drain intervals in engines using high sulfur fuels. It meets warranty requirements of American, Japanese and European diesel engine manufacturers. With high alkaline reserve (9-TBN) and corrosion inhibitors,  Super Diesel protects bearings against acids formed during combustion of high sulfur fuels.

TD-1 Super Diesel Motor Oil is a blend of highly refined hydrocracked base oils and the most advanced detergents and dispersants plus Torco’s MPZ friction and wear reducing additive. Low sulfated ash and superior anti-wear properties contribute to longer engine life, fewer oil changes and less waste oil.


  • Hydrocracked petroleum formula
  • High TBN/Alkaline reserve to neutralize acids
  • Minimizes ash deposits in combustion chamber
  • Improves fuel mileage
  • Good low temperature pumpability
  • Protects against sludge and varnish deposits
  • Long term wear protection of all internal engine parts
  • Excellent high temperature thermal stability

Application: Recommended for diesel engines using high sulfur fuels and is suitable for low sulfur fuel and gasoline engines. Not recommended for Electro Motive Diesel engines with silver bearings or marine diesel that requires extra high TBN.

Directions: Follow manufacturer’s fill level requirements. Compatible with other petroleum and synthetic lubricants.

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