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aFe Cold Air Intakes… Stage 1 or Stage 2? What’s the difference?

One of the first questions I  get about aFe Cold Air Intakes is “What’s the difference between Stage 1 intakes and Stage 2 intakes?”. The answer to the question is simple…  Stage 1 intakes replace the stock air box only and Stage 2 intakes replace the stock air box and the stock  intake tract.

Let’s ask a few questions…

1. How much power do you want?

Stage 1 intakes: Because it is not replacing the entire intake tract can give 1-10 horsepower and 10-20 foot-pounds of torque.

Stage 2 intakes: Because it is replacing the entire stock intake tract will give a significantly higher boost of 20-40 horsepower and 35-60 foot-pounds of torque.

2. How much money do you want to spend?

Stage 1 intakes: Because you are only replacing the air box you are going to spend a bit less. You’re also going to do less installing the system.

Stage 2 intakes:  You’re going to spend a bit more on this system because it replaces the stock intake tract. But, you get much higher gains.

3. What features do you need?

Stage 1 intakes: These will give you noticeable low-end torque gains. This air box will also provide you with a great engine noise improvement.

Stage 2 intakes: These will give you huge low-end torque gains and maximum horsepower gains. The open element to this system means a throaty sound with a mean growl.

Both systems are pretty easy to install at home in under 2 hours. They both use stock mounting points, work with stock electronics and do not interfere with the M.A.F. sensor. Both systems are a great way to add easy gains where it counts in a short period of time.

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