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The Facts on Rotating Your Trucks Tires

Tire rotation is an important maintenance routine that extends the life of your tires and ensures safe driving and handling of your vehicle.  Rotating your trucks tires also prevents the tires from developing pattern wear problems that result from turning in the same direction on the same wheel for thousands and thousands of miles.

Rotating your tires evens out the wear between the front and rear tires (usually front tires wear out faster), so that your tires don’t wear out prematurely. It is necessary to rotate your tires front-to-rear several times during their life cycle. This will help equalize tread wear and maximize the life of your tires.

Not all tires can be rotated from side to side and front to back. Make sure you follow the recommendations set by the manufacture of your tires. How often should you rotate your trucks tires? Well that all depends on your manufacture. Check back to your trucks owner’s manual for specific guidelines. Most manufacturers recommend rotating your tires every 5,000-10,000 miles.

When rotating your trucks tires you should also take this time to check the pressure of each tire, measure the tread and look for any unusual wear.

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