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Harness Rub in 04.5-06 Duramax LLY

A common problem that we are seeing with the 2004.5 to 2006 GM Duramax LLY engines is what is known as a harness rub. The injectors wiring harness is zip tied to the metal flange by the alternator. The problem being that the harness loom stops too short and leaves just a thin layer of protective material between the metal flange and the wire inside the harness.

Vibrations cause the metal to rub against and through the thin layer and into the insulated wires which ends up exposing the wires.

To prevent this problem with your LLY Duramax, cut the zip tie and cover the harness with more wire loom or a piece of rubber hose or anything else that can act as a protective guard between the metal and the wire. Make sure to zip tie it securely in place against the metal flange.

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