Cummins ISX

Cummins ISX 565 and 600 version engines

The Cummins ISX engine is used in Heavy Duty Trucks, RV’s, and emergency vehicles. RV manufacturers who use this engine are Newmar in the Essex and King Air models and the Magna Donatello. Big Rigs who use the ISX include International, Peterbilt, Freightliner, Kenworth, Mack, Sterling, and Volvo. The light weight of this engine definitely works to its advantage. It comes in at around 300 pounds less than other engines in their class. The ISX 565 and 600 bring gains of 600 hp and 1,850 lb. ft. of mountain climbing torque. Design of the ISX engine has been engineered using CAD/CAM and 3D software. These engines are the first to be designed from scratch with electronics and dual overhead cams.

Equipped with Smart Torque Technology

Smart Torque technology also known as (STx) is integrated into the design of the ISX 565 and 600 engines. This one of a kind technology increases multiple axle options and improves the axle warranty. The ISX maintains its hold as the most fuel efficient of engines in its class and still managed to pull off meeting 2002 EPA certification. Maintenance costs are much lower and this engine offers more reliability with 30 percent less parts than other engines its size.

Get the TS Performance MPHD tuner for your Cummins ISX!

Features of the TS Performance MPHD

The TS Performance MPHD Cummins ISX – ISM Heavy Truck is designed for the 12L and 15L Cummins ISX & ISM engines. A couple of  great features of the MPHD Cummins ISX is how easy it is to use. There are no programs to download or switches to modify. This product is completely undetectable. When you remove the MPHD there is no footprint left behind in the factory computer. Gains of up to 30 percent more HP and torque have been reported as well as an increase of 10 to 20 percent improved fuel economy. The TS Performance MPHD Cummins ISX – ISM Heavy Truck chip includes easy installation and Plug and Play features. There is no cutting or splicing of wires required. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee!

What is a chip tuner?

The MPHD Cummins ISX is a chip tuner. Chip tuning is basically when you change or tweak an EPROM chip in a vehicles ECU to attain more power, cleaner emissions or better fuel economy. More modern vehicles  can be tuned by updating their software through an interface like OBDII, sometimes called ECU tuning. Performance advantages are gained by adjusting the ignition timing advance. Higher timing usually equals higher performance.

Re-set the ECU Map for better performance

You can also change the ECU map. The main reason you would do this if if you have bolt on modifications on your vehicle such as an aftermarket intake or exhaust system. This can change the way your engine works. If you do not re-map your fuel tables, some of the gains you are expecting from your add-on’s may not do their best work.

Need gauges for your Cummins ISX?

OC DIESEL offers a wide array of gauges for your ISX engine! One of our best sellers is the ISSPRO EV2 Pyrometer Gauge 0-1600F.

ISSPRO gauges feature LED lighting with flat lenses. The are operated by a step driven motor and are all electric. These attractive gauges come with all needed components for installation including the lead wire and thermocouple as well as weather pack connectors.Boost and temp gauges include the sensors and wire harness to connect the sensor to the gauge. No amplifier box is needed. All colors and fonts match your OEM gauges.

What is a pyrometer?

A pyrometer is an instrument used for reading exhaust temperatures which gets a signal from a thermocouple installed into the exhaust manifold. This signal notifies the driver of any problems far before a water temperature gauge would. Diesel owners use a pyrometer to discover engine problems and drive more efficiently, adding life to their engine and cutting down on fuel expenditures.

How does it work?

High temperatures are the most common cause of damage to your engine. We add aftermarket products to our vehicles to combat this heat such as an upgraded exhaust system. The pyrometer is a gauge that will watch exhaust temps and informs the operator of any early signs of trouble. A pyrometer will tell you when there is something wrong far better than any other device or component. If you are dealing with a clogged injector or a cylinder or piston that is failing, a pyrometer will alert you to a change in temperature. The reason for this is because pyrometers measure internal thermos-dynamics of your engine. Benefits of installing a pyrometer are more effective and lengthened life of your engine, lower emissions and an early warning to potential problems.

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