Dynatrac Free Spin

The Dynatrac Free-Spin Heavy-Duty Hub Conversion Kit is for use on 2000-2008 5.9L, 6.7L Dodge Cummins, Ram 2500, 3500 – 4WD Stage 1 (ABS Included)

Features of the Dynatrac Free-spin Hub conversion kit

This kit was engineered to replace the factory unit bearings with stationary spindles for greater strength, better fuel economy, and improved performance. Included in this kit are serviceable Timken bearings, cromoly spindles, cast nodular wheel hubs, Warn premium manual locking hubs, a large 1.50″ diameter 35-spline outer axle shafts. All parts included in the Dynatrac Free-spin conversion kit are made in the U.S. and are tested for optimum consistency under extreme use. The Free-Spin system provides you with easy serviceability,  a more comfortable ride, improved steering control, better fuel economy and an extended axle drive shaft life. Manual -locking hubs cut down on wear and tear and improve fuel economy by stopping parts from rotating constantly during 2WD operation. Improves dependability by removing an unsatisfactory axle disconnection operation.

What happens when a bearing fails?

Wheel bearings are a small but very important component that don’t fail often but when they do, can cause serious problems. Not taking care of a failing bearing can result in damage to your truck or could trigger an accident caused by a loss of control of  your steering or braking system. When a wheel bearing fails, your wheel could come completely off of your vehicle while in operation. One reason for a bearing to become worn is if it is installed incorrectly or in the midst of an accident. If this does happen while driving and your wheel comes off, you will end up careening down the street scraping the bottom of your truck causing major damage and expensive repairs. Installing a Dynatrack Free-spin hub conversion kit eliminates these worries.

Why the Dynatrac Free-Spin Hub system?

Bearings are designed with a very thin or plastic cage. These are not the best quality and are used by manufacturers as a cheap way to put their vehicle together. Upgrading to a spindle design provides you with a much safer and reliable component. If  a bearing failure does occur, you are looking at towing and repair costs that can be extremely expensive. Switching to a more reliable fixed spindle hub system eliminates these worries and could save you some money.

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