HTT Manifold

Features of the HTT Manifold

The High Tech Turbo Exhaust Manifold is to be used for 1988-1998 5.9L Dodge Cummins – 12 Valve. This is a 3 piece kit. It comes with all gasket and mounting bolts for installation. The HTT Manifold is made in the U.S. from high silicone ductile iron. It will provide for faster spool-up than the competition. The HHT Manifold will lower EGT’s and comes to you already put together at no extra charge. Unlike other manufacturers, the HTT Manifold comes with the needed mounting bolts and heater hose bracket. It also comes drilled and tapped for a 1/8 pyrometer as well as 1/4 plugs installed. This product is available 12 and 24 valve styles and is port matched for each version. The HTT Manifold is a superb replacement for a stock component or high-flow performance applications featuring a tuned, balanced flow design. One of the highlights of this kit is that this manifold flows exhaust more consistently than stock and will not be as susceptible to cracking or splitting.

How does a manifold work?

The engine intake manifold is an gathering of passages that air or a mixture of air and fuel flows from the air intake or throttle valves to the intake valve ports in a cylinder head or block. In a diesel engine with a fuel injection system, air needs to be received with slightest of pressure drops. Therefore, the intake manifold is used to disperse air or the air and fuel mixture equally to each of the cylinders  and to aid in the vaporization of the fuel. Another purpose of the exhaust manifold is to accumulate and carry exhaust gases away from the cylinders with the least amount of back pressure possible.

More horsepower, torque and towing strength

Stock exhaust manifolds are not designed to get the most power from your vehicle. The sub-par engineering of stock parts force your engine to work extra hard because it is trying to squeeze exhaust gases through a hold that is just too small. This results in wasted fuel. When you install an aftermarket component like the High Tech Turbo Exhaust Manifold, you will gain better fuel mileage and more power from your engine. Some benefits of installing a HTT Manifold is better fuel efficiency, lower exhaust temps, more horsepower and torque and better towing power.

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