High Tech Turbos

High Tech Turbo specializes in turbochargers. They also manufacture their own line of steel turbine housings and manifolds mainly in performance diesel applications. OC DIESEL offers many turbos and intercoolers from High Tech Turbo on our extensive website. One of our best sellers for HTT is the Turbo Exhaust Manifold for Dodge Cummins.

This manifold consists of three parts and comes to you already put together at no extra charge. This product includes all the gasket and mounting bolts you will need for easy installation.  Exclusively engineered for the 1988-1998 5.9L Dodge Cummins – 12 Valve engine. The High Tech Turbo Exhaust Manifold lowers EGT’s. This product is great as a stock replacement or for high flow performance applications. Constructed from high silicone ductile iron, it delivers a faster spool-up than stock or competitions manifolds. This products is compatible with HTT’s quick spool turbos.

Another great product from High Tech Turbo

Another very popular product from High Tech Turbo is the HTB2 Street Stock 62 Turbo engineered for the 2003-2007 5.9L Dodge Cummins and offers a stainless steel housing.

If you have been running an HX40W then HTT’s outlet flange will make joining your HX40 down pipe extremely simple. Turbos for 1994-2002 are a bolt-up design except for the exhaust downpipe. You don’t need a downpipe but we do offer a performance downpipe for the 2003-early 2004 since the stock exhaust elbow necks down. A l free flowing air cleaner system as well as 4 inch exhaust is a necessity for these high flow turbos. With this product you can send in your S300gG, HTBG, or HBT2 and HTT will upgrade your turbine wheel and housing and compressor wheel or cover to your desired size. HTT suggests replacing the restrictive air cleaners and upgrading to a high flow air intake system.

aFe Air Intake System

The most widely used and well known manufacturer of air intake systems is aFe power. One of the most popular systems they produce is the aFe Power Stage 2 Intake System. The Stage2 is made for the 2003-2007 5.9L Dodge Cummins engine.

Visible gains in horsepower, torque and airflow

This air intake system can get you up to 18 HP, 24 ft. lbs. torque and out-flows the factory intake system by 108 percent. It comes with a powder-coated heat shield and a reusable and washable conical air filter. An added benefit of this system is an integrated heat protecting tube that replaces the stock intake tract and directs air flow with improved efficiency. There is almost no assembly of the one-piece heat shield.

Quality hardware included

The aFe Power Stage 2 Intake System features an easy installation and high quality performance. This system will block out heat and guide cold air to the filter resulting in more power and a ore efficient running engine. The Stage 2 has a rubber trim seal that securely rests between the heat shield and hood to block unwanted heat from entering the filter. The hardware included is constructed of super durable steel head colts and brass inserts. To guard against aerodynamic loss the Stage2 system is fitted with a 3-angle adapter or velocity stacks on certain applications.

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