PPE GT42R Series Turbo Install Kit comes with all the components you will need to install a 42 series turbo. The Turbo Pedestal is only for use with Aftermarket turbos 01-07 and Duramax trucks LB7, LLY, and LBZ. The turbo weight is held up by pedestal framework instead of tubing like many competitors. The GT42R was designed with a high pace tubular design with an optional spacer plate for larger turbos. Also included in the system is a steel mandrel bent down pipe with accompanying V Band Clamps.

What is a turbo charger?

A turbocharger is basically an air pump. Hot exhaust gases leaving the engine after combustion are routed directly to the turbine wheel side of the turbocharger to make it rotate. That turbine wheel is connected by a shaft to a compressor wheel. As the turbine wheel spins faster and faster, it causes the compressor wheel to also spin quickly. The rotation of the compressor wheel pulls in air and compresses it before pumping it into the engine’s chambers. Air gets heated to a high temperature leaving the compressor wheel housing. An air cooler is used next to cool the heated air. This keeps the friction temperature down in the engine and promotes long life and efficiency. It is very important that installation be done correctly to keep your engine safe.

What are the advantages of having a turbo charger?

The biggest advantage of installing a turbo charger is increasing your trucks peak power. It is a real perq when you need to speed up to pass someone on the highway or if you often drive steep hills.  One big plus of installing a turbo charger is to lower emissions since a turbochargers main function is to recycle the air used by the engine which cuts down on the amount of fumes release into the environment.

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