PPE Xcelerator Duramax

The PPE Xcelerator Economy Tuner is designed to be used for the 2001-2009 6.6L GM Duramax. The Economy Xcelerator is designed for the diesel enthusiast looking for improved fuel economy and a slight horsepower and torque increase as well as a pretty good boost in mileage. Compatible with 01-09 LB7/LLY/LBZ/LMM Duramax Diesel engines.

Included in the PPE Xcelerator Economy Tuner package

The PPE Xcelerator Durmax Economy Tuner comes complete with the Owners Manual , a OBD-II Port Cable, Foam-Padded Carrying Case, and PPE Badges. There are three power levels to choose from that will provide you with  more horsepower and torque a changeable speed limited ranging from 40 to 96 mph directly to 200mph. Another great feature of this product is an included modifiable gear ratio from 2.73 to 5.13.  Online updates are available for the PPE Xcelerator Duramax and can read actual data designed for understanding your engines diagnostics and clearing out trouble codes. Speedometer corrections are displayed as well as offering a transmission reset and speedy learn feature.

What exactly is the PPE Xcelerator Economy Tuner?

The PPE Xcelerator Economy Tuner is a chip tuner. Chip tuning means adjusting an EPROM chip in your trucks ECU. Tuners improve fuel economy, performance, and makes for cleaner emissions. Today’s vehicles chips can be tuned by updating their software on the internal computer by means of a standard interface. One example of this is the OBDII. This is where the name chip tuning comes from.  A tuner tweaks the ignitions timing advance. Higher timing generally means better performance. A tuner that is not adjusted well can make your performance and smooth ride go right out the window and could even cause damage to your engine and sub parts.

Give us a call at 714-848-2170 M-F from 8-5 PST – We will answer your questions regarding the PPE Xcelerator Economy Tuner. Ask about Free Shipping!

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